What is Earth's Call?

A new collaborative foundation that funds innovative solutions to fight the climate crisis

How will we achieve our mission?

Harness the power of education, science, music and social influence
Accelerate a grassroots groundswell to drive global action and collaboration
Be the global megaphone that inspires people to perform small environmental actions
Engage youth and millennial audiences to act with urgency to ensure their futures

How is EARTH'S CALL Unique?

  • Powerful partnerships with Carbon Underground and MacArthur Foundation’s new affiliate, Lever for Change
  • Earth’s Call will attack the source of climate change problems, not the symptoms
  • Our focus is air, land, water, wildlife and humankind—each integrated into the 17 SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) created by the United Nations to help tackle climate change: More SDG information
  • Our immediate focus will be on soil regeneration to re-establish the carbon sink
    • An urgent situation based on the UN IPCC estimate that only 25- 60 harvests may be left on earth!

What is our funding model?

  • 100% of funds raised will be deployed with immediacy to vetted organizations with demonstrable climate solutions
  • Initial start up costs have been funded by an anonymous benefactor
  • Powerful collaborative campaigns drive action, engagement and donations

Where can I learn more about EARTH’S CALL?

We are currently building an exciting new website that will officially launch on May 17th in conjunction with the inaugural EARTH’S CALL event.

Visit our social media pages:

Email your questions and information requests to: info@supportearthscall.org